SafeQube for Residences

SafeQube Echo UV Sanitizer BoxSafeQube Echo UV Sanitizer Box
SafeQube Eco
6,499.00 4,999.00
SafeQube Sturdy UV Sanitizer BoxSafeQube UV-C Sanitizer Box Top Open
SafeQube Sturdy
10,999.00 8,999.00
SafeQube SturdySafeQube UV-C Sanitizer Box Top Open
SafeQube Sturdy
13,999.00 10,999.00


Every family has infinite doubts and dilemmas about COVID19 infections. How do you safeguard your home from corona viruses, bacteria, and other germs? You are afraid of stepping out of your home for shopping daily essentials. You think twice before ordering packaged food online due to fear of COVID19.

Is there any simple and effective solution to protect your family at home?
SafeQube Sturdy and SafeQube Eco.

SafeQube is a sleek, compact and user-friendly UV-C light sterilization box for homes. It applies UV-C light disinfection technology which is well-researched and scientifically proven to be safe for sanitizing baby products (toys, milk bottles, etc.,), edible items (fruits, vegetables and groceries), and a wide variety of many more home essentials. In addition, SafeQube’s UV-C sterilizers for homes support chemical-free sanitization within 10 minutes from start to finish.

Use it to sanitise


Mobile Phone



Milk Bottles


Fruits & Vegetables

and more…