SafeQube for Hotels & Restaurants

SafeQube Echo UV Sanitizer BoxSafeQube Echo UV Sanitizer Box
SafeQube Eco
6,499.00 4,999.00
SafeQube Sturdy UV Sanitizer BoxSafeQube UV-C Sanitizer Box Top Open
SafeQube Sturdy
10,999.00 8,999.00
SafeQube SturdySafeQube UV-C Sanitizer Box Top Open
SafeQube Sturdy
13,999.00 10,999.00

Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants encounter strict government regulations to ensure customer safety. They need to equip themselves with the right technology to fight against various viral infections resulting from corona viruses and other germs. The UV-C sterilization technology for hotels and restaurants is 100% chemical-free, safe and reliable.

How to ensure customer safety at hotels and restaurants?
SafeQube Sturdy.

SafeQube is a UV-C light sterilization box available in varied sizes along with options for customization to meet your business needs. Hotels and restaurants can now disinfect food and other essentials from 99.99% corona viruses, bacteria and other germs within 10 minutes using UV-C light radiation technology. It can also sanitize a wide range of materials like wood, stainless steel, fabrics and many more

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