SafeQube for Commercial Offices

SafeQube Sturdy UV Sanitizer BoxSafeQube UV-C Sanitizer Box Top Open
SafeQube Sturdy
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SafeQube SturdySafeQube UV-C Sanitizer Box Top Open
SafeQube Sturdy
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Commercial Offices

Businesses face several challenges to maintain their employee’s health and safety during the current pandemic outbreak. Don’t you think that a safe and healthy work environment is a long-term commitment for businesses across all industries even post-COVID19? Commercial business units and offices can explore commercial UV-C light sanitizer box for hassle-free disinfection regime.

How to ensure employee’s health and safety in offices?
SafeQube Sturdy.

Maintain social distancing, sanitize your hands often and opt for SafeQube’s commercial UV-C light sterilization box. Disinfect all office essentials and tech gadgets at work from 99.99% of corona viruses, bacteria and other germs in your office premises with UV-C light radiation. Spend just 10 minutes of your time every day before and after your work hours to sterilize all your valuables and belongings with SafeQube.

Use it to sanitise

Packaged Food


ID Card




Files & Folders

and more…