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A fusion of modernity and tradition, Verde has evolved with Chennai history
and stands strong as one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants.


Ever since the Covid-19 epidemic we were facing the following:

Sanitization Solution for Restaurants


We came across SafeQube over Facebook. The SafeQube team mentioned that they are chemical free and has the capacity to destroy 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and other germs. Chemical free was a magic word for us as we were dealing with Food. We started using SafeQube and the results were amazing, these were some of the benefits we were able to experience:


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SafeQube UV-C Sanitizer Box Double Door Version

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Let’s Win This War

About Us

SafeQube is a UV-C light sanitization box with 360-degree coverage for maximum sterilization. The built-in germicidal lamp applies intense light in the UV-C wavelength for 10 minutes on a wide variety of items including groceries & tech gadgets. It effectively kills germs including viruses, bacteria and fungi by breaking down the microbes’ DNA and stopping further spread of illnesses.

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