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UV-C light sanitizer box destroys 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other germs.

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What is SafeQube?

When you receive a package from your favourite online store or visit the nearby grocery store, think twice about what might tag along with the packages into your home. But, is it practical for you to stop shopping online or offline out of fear of infection?

We’ve got the just the right solution for you. SafeQube!

The UV-C light sanitizing box plays a critical role in your regular disinfection cycle at homes, offices, restaurants and other business hubs. It’s an FDA approved technology, scientifically proven and chemical-free way to clean your belongings within a few minutes.

Use SafeQube Before & After You Start Your Day, Every Day!

Who Can Use SafeQube?

SafeQube’s UV-C light sterilization box helps families, business owners and enterprises ensure safe, healthy and worry-free living in line with national health safety guidelines. “Zero-contact” is the new normal today.

SafeQube UV Sanitizer for Residences


Protect yourself, your family and neighbours from infections with SafeQube

SafeQube UV Sanitizer for Commercial Offices

Commercial Offices

Uncompromised employees’ health and safety every day with SafeQube.

SafeQube UV Sanitizer for Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels & Restaurants

Standardized customer safety best practices round the clock with SafeQube

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Success Stories

Customer Success Story1



I live in Adyar with my husband and my 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. For the past few months, either my hubby or I have been cleaning all online deliveries manually. We have got used to ordering vegetables and other grocery items online since March. Here’s a summary of our daily routines- As soon as the delivery agent rings the doorbell, I put on my mask and receive all the deliveries quickly. This is when the problematic task of cleaning starts. While I empty everything in the sink and apply soap to each packaged item/vegetable, my hubby helps me with washing them one by one for hours. Though I am a homemaker, I also do my freelancing work as a graphic designer. But, with this whole sanitizing cycle and washing, it gets hectic with each time. The paranoia is real! I do not even allow my kids to play with the neighbor’s kids! I am afraid they will take their toys and tricycles elsewhere and might catch the virus. But, everything changed when we got the SafeQube. Now, we keep all the online deliveries inside it, even any clothing packages. It disinfects in 10 to 15 minutes. We even use it to disinfect our kids’ toys. What’s funny is that we have time to watch our favorite channel on the TV without having to waste hours on cleaning everything with soap, water and what not!
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Customer Success Story3



We are a group of 4 boys living in a shared apartment in Besant Nagar. Since Unlock 4.0, we have been asked to go to our offices. This means there is a lot of travelling and the number of people contacted increases. Whenever I come back from office, I rush to the washroom to bathe! I even remove my shoes and clean it since we cannot keep them outside our apartment. That is just one instance. One day, one of my friends felt paranoid about taking the ATM card after using it to withdraw cash. He did not want to keep it inside his wallet without sanitizing it. So, he took his hand sanitizer and emptied a lot of sanitizing gel on the card, but the card’s chip started reacting with the sanitizer, and he could not use the ATM card again. That’s when we came across SafeQube on Facebook one day. We pooled in some money and got it. We did not want to risk it. Who would want to spend lakhs of money in the hospital? It came around 1k per head, and we started using it sanitize everything! We have been using it for two months now, and we feel quite safe!
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Customer Success Story2


Restaurant Manager

I am the Restaurant Manager. at Verde Live Kitchen, and I have been working here for the past 4 years. Coronavirus has already given us a hard time this year and our restaurant is also facing the brunt of it. Until May, we were struggling with receiving the grocery items in the kitchen. Also, it was getting really difficult while cleaning the vegetables one by one. Not to mention how frustrating it used to be when we were wiping all surfaces of rice and wheat bags with layers of hand-sanitizers. Also, people were not ordering food online until late August and September. As more people were placing orders, we had to find a solution to disinfect crockery and cutlery items in the least possible time. I talked to our eatery’s manager and he got us the SafeQube Tower the next day. It has made our lives easier than ever. All we have to do is to place all items inside it and it will disinfect in a few minutes. We save so much of time now and we do not have to be constantly worried about serving our customers on time. However, it would be better if we got a SafeQube that is big enough to disinfect big 25 kg bags of rice, wheat and other essentials as we never get stuff in less quantity.
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