SafeQube for Germ-free Living

UV-C light sanitizer box destroys 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other germs.

What is SafeQube?

When you receive a package from your favourite online store or visit the nearby grocery store, think twice about what might tag along with the packages into your home. But, is it practical for you to stop shopping online or offline out of fear of infection?

We’ve got the just the right solution for you. SafeQube!

The UV-C light sanitizing box plays a critical role in your regular disinfection cycle at homes, offices, restaurants and other business hubs. It’s an FDA approved technology, scientifically proven and chemical-free way to clean your belongings within a few minutes.

Use SafeQube Before & After You Start Your Day, Every Day!

Who Can Use SafeQube?

SafeQube’s UV-C light sterilization box helps families, business owners and enterprises ensure safe, healthy and worry-free living in line with national health safety guidelines. “Zero-contact” is the new normal today.


Protect yourself, your family and neighbours from infections with SafeQube

Commercial Offices

Uncompromised employees’ health and safety every day with SafeQube.

Hotels & Restaurants

Standardized customer safety best practices round the clock with SafeQube

Got more questions on SafeQube?

Read through our comprehensive FAQs for more information about our product